One of the best letters I’ve ever gotten (from the Gobi desert!)

Tucker, a past student of mine (who’s now serving in the Peace Corps in the Gobi desert), somehow got a copy of my most recent book. He just wrote me about it and said some incredibly insightful and beautiful things in response (he’s an excellent writer, too, BTW). So, I figured I’d share his letter […]

Backwards is a finalist for both the Colorado Book Award and the CAL Award! (And now the Crystal Kite Award too!)

I just learned that Backwards was selected as a finalist in the Young Adult Fiction category by both these outstanding award committees. For a complete listing of the Colorado Book Awards finalists, click here. And for a complete listing of the CAL (Colorado Authors League) finalists, click here. These are two great lists of excellent books […]

Book Trailers: Ten tips to help you avoid the suck, Part I

A few weeks ago, I launched a book trailer for Backwards. Since then several authors have asked me how it was created. Here are three things on that: 1) It took more time than I thought. 2) It was fun. 3) There are several things I’d wish I’d known before I’d started. With thing number three in mind, […]