The Last Panther

What is a species worth?

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“I loved this book, and I think anyone, animal lover or not, will enjoy this book. It’s a heartwarming story about friendship, bravery, and standing up for what you believe in that everyone, young or old, should read.” —LitPick

“A powerful tale.” —Kirkus

“An awesome read. It’s a perfect middle-grade book for classrooms and libraries, but essentially it’s great for all ages.” ReadRantRock & Roll

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“The Last Panther is poignant and lush—steeped in the mystical, while set in a future snared by devastation.”   —Ingrid Law, Newbery Honor winning author of Savvy

“This is a book whose every piece is beautiful and fascinating. But as the last piece slides into place, readers will step back and see a portrait of a richly imagined (and imperiled) world that will forever change the way we look at our own.”    —Eliot Schrefer, two-time National Book Award Finalist

“Difficult to put down… Teachers can connect this absorbing tale to lessons on ecology, endangered species, social structures, and more. VERDICT: An important addition on a timely subject.”    —SLJ

“Told in vivid, heartbreaking detail and filled with strong, developed characters, this novel tackles an important theme in a compelling way. In Kiri, young readers will find a protagonist who, although at times afraid, finds the courage to do what she believes to be right.”     —Booklist

“Earnest, heartfelt, and passionate, this book will likely inspire new environmentalists.”  —Bulletin

“The Last Panther has the timeless feel of a classic, yet with a timely message woven into its tapestry of myth and quest. I will be urging everyone I know to read this book.”     —Laura Resau, Américas Award winning author of The Lightning Queen

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About The Last Panther and why I wrote it:

THE LAST PANTHER  follows the adventures of Kiri, an eleven-year-old girl who lives in a post-climate disaster swamp with her scientist father and her pet rat, Snowflake. When Kiri helps her father capture the last known wild panther, her life in the swamp becomes threatened by poachers and collectors, and she embarks on a dangerous journey to save the panther and herself. Giant sea turtles, climate refugees, and mystical encounters with the Shadow that Hunts populate this fast-paced, heart-pounding tale. (For ages 9 & up.)

I wrote this book with my ten year old daughter, thinking about what story she’d enjoy most, and what stories aren’t being told right now that desperately need to be told.

Although my first goal is always to write a riveting book, it’s my hope that The Last Panther will also be used to help students connect to several common areas of interest for 4th-7th grades, including:


—Protecting endangered species

—Protecting the ecosystems upon which we depend

—Multiculturalism, immigration, and diversity

—Economies, markets, and social structures

—Empowering youth to work together to create positive change.

The Last Panther Book Club and Teaching Materials:

The Last Panther Discussion Questions

Connections to Academic Standards and Activities for The Last Panther

Four Activities for Engaging Future Fiction

Do Something Good (empowering positive youth actions)


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