Breakthrough (for writers, artists, and creators)

Break free of toxic success myths.

Transcend the suffering artist paradigm.

Actualize your immense creative potential.



















This. Book. Is. Brilliant. —Bailey Cates, NYT bestselling Mystery Author

An immensely valuable book! An essential read for anyone who is seeking inspiration about the creative life.  —Laura Pritchett, winner of the PEN USA Award for Fiction

I’ve been relying on Breakthrough almost daily. Breakthrough has helped me sit back and remember that my hands and feet are soaking in a creative pool that has no bottom.  —Emily France, author of Zen and Gone 

Every creative soul out there should read this book!  —Laura Resau, Américas award-winning author of The Queen of Water

Hey writers and other creative types, do you need an emotional and very supportive kick-in-the-pants? I highly recommend Breakthrough… —Mark Stevens, Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers

Breakthrough is brimming with compassion and wisdom. …a dazzling foray into the worlds of creativity and the human experience. Whether you want to improve your creativity or you want to gain insight into how to flourish as a human, this book is for you—Nich Krause, creator of The Scientific Philosopher

Whatever your creative discipline, if doubt, fear, and more are holding your creativity in limbo, you need to read this book. —Reader’s Choice Book Reviews

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If you’ve ever struggled with doubt, fear, procrastination, or disappointment while trying to create something, this book is for you. Breakthrough goes where no other books on creativity dare to tread—exposing the toxic success myths that hold people back, and revealing radical, perspective-shifting solutions. Through concise, friendly chapters that weave together personal experiences with guidance from research and nondual philosophical traditions, readers are given pragmatic ways to turn potential breakdowns into life-changing breakthroughs.

In this book you’ll learn to:

—Recognize toxic success myths

—Conquer the comparison game

—Develop healthy creative habits and perspectives

—Make doubt, fear, and failure productive

—Embrace all stages of the creative process

—Access creativity more freely, fully, and effectively

—Engage creativity as a pathway to higher consciousness

—Unlock your most successful, sustainable, and blissful creative self

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