Book Trailers, Part III

Quick recap: In Part I of this series, I posted ten tips for making a book trailer that avoids the suck. Part II is an interview with artist Kari Lennartson about narrative art techniques and her creative process. And in this final installment on book trailers, I speak with Timothy David Orme, the award-winning filmmaker […]

Book Trailers: Avoiding the suck, Part II

Quick recap: In Part I, I posted ten tips for those interested in creating short trailers (or other animated videos). In this post, we’ll focus on the art used in the Backwards trailer, and artist’s Kari Lennartson’s creative process. If you’ve seen the book trailer for Backwards then you probably know that the art is amazing. What you might not […]

Book Trailers: Ten tips to help you avoid the suck, Part I

A few weeks ago, I launched a book trailer for Backwards. Since then several authors have asked me how it was created. Here are three things on that: 1) It took more time than I thought. 2) It was fun. 3) There are several things I’d wish I’d known before I’d started. With thing number three in mind, […]