Broken Saviors

Aliens came to save us.

They thought it would be easy.

They were wrong.


“A playfully original beginning to what promises to be an epic

alien invasion story…I like it. It’s a solid piece of work.”   —Fanboy Comics


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Broken Saviors is an original graphic series that explores what happens when humanity becomes the subject of a global “nation building” endeavor conducted by aliens who claim they’re here to save us. It’s Saga meets The Walking Dead with a twist of Morning Glories. In this alien invasion epic, characters are challenged in ways they never imagined to confront who they are and what’s worth saving. (For ages 13 & up).

The artist, Patrick Mulholland, and I have been working hard over the past several years to bring this to you. We hope you’ll read it and share it with comic fans you know so we can produce the rest of the story. The writing is complete, and it’s a story that I strongly believe needs to exist in the world. I hope you’ll believe in it too.

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Sometimes alien cyborg insects are going to attack you no matter what you do.

Sometimes alien cyborg insects are going to attack you no matter what you do.

The end of the world = good times.

The end of the world = good times.


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Start reading now!

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