Secret to Lying Discussion Questions

(A big thanks to the students and fans who submitted these questions. Keep ’em coming!) 


1) What does James gain by lying? What does he lose? (Have you ever changed yourself or the way you act to impress your peers? In what ways? In what ways do you see your peers as “acting” around you?)

2) What do you think ghost44 means when she says, “Ghosts pretend to be alive”?

3) How do James’s dreams relate to what’s going on in his life? How do they influence what happens in his life?

4) What enables James and ghost44 to act differently online than they do in person? What does it mean to be honest?

5) Why doesn’t James take the blame for the trashcan full of water prank? What does this say about him and his identity?

6) Why doesn’t James think anything is wrong with him?

7) Why does James originally think he has to capture his demons? What might be the significance of this? How does James ultimately learn to deal with his demons? How does this change him?

8) Why is it important to have demons? In what ways does the book suggest that? (Consider the Prologue and the ending).

9) Why does James meet Liam in the diner? What’s the significance of this?

10) Why does James think ASMA is a good place? What about it does he admire?

11) Consider the epilogue. How did James help ghost44? How did she help him? What does she mean when she says “Basically, I’m in syzygy with you”?