Sitting on a 2000 foot cliff in Ireland.

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I was born in 1974, on Elvis’s birthday, in the ridiculously flat cornfields of Illinois. There wasn’t much to do and the sky was far too large. When I was six, I planted an evergreen tree in our back yard. I thought of it as my spirit tree. By the time I left for college, it was about twenty feet high and round as a dinner plate at the base. One night, a tornado touched down in our back yard and tore my tree away. I took this as a sign that I wasn’t meant to live in Illinois.

Since then, I’ve lived all over the place, including Galway, Ireland, Oberlin, Ohio (where I went to college), Minneapolis, Seattle, New Orleans and Portland, Oregon. I’ve also worked a bunch of odd jobs —digging ditches, feeding wolves, teaching high school English, teaching poetry to children, slinging coffee, and four miserable days of cleaning the fryer at KFC.

Me, kayaking my favorite river.

Kayaking my favorite river.

Currently, I serve as an Associate Teaching Professor at Colorado State University where I direct the Beginning Creative Writing Teaching Program. I live in a pointy green house in Fort Collins with a hyper dog, extremely cool wife, and two wise daughters. I enjoy whitewater kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, and surfing. I think squirrels are amazing. I dream of the ocean at least once a week. I think happiness in life comes from giving back more than you take away. I believe in the power of stories to change the way we think and act. And I spend a big chunk of every day alone in my basement writing.


In Florida.

Shark attack.


Moments later, I ripped the sword off the wall, slayed a horde of orcs, and proclaimed myself king of Blarney.

Okay, enough about me. I’d much rather hear about you. If you want to send me an email, I can be reached at: toddmitchellbooks (at) hotmail.com


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