This Month’s Protector Pendant Winner!

Meet Peter the Snake Protector!

Peter saves snakes by catching unwanted garter snakes and relocating them. Not only that, he educates others about the importance of snakes in the ecosystem, and how helpful snakes are.

I included Peter’s letter and some pictures he sent me below. For protecting animals, and for helping the environment, he’s this month’s Protector Pendant Winner!

BTW –I have a lot of garter snakes in my backyard, and I’ve learned to love them because they keep down the grasshopper population that eats my garden. One thing I’ve noticed about garter snakes is that they each have different personalities. Some are shy, some friendly, some try to act bold or aggressive (but they can’t really bite people) and some seem to like being pet. Thank you, Peter, for helping people understand and protect these wonderful creatures!

If you want to win a Protector Pendant (a carved sea turtle hatchling pendant) tell me about something you’ve done to protect something you care about. Once a month, I’ll choose a story to post, and send out a new pendant to the lucky winner.

To learn more about what it means to BE A PROTECTOR check out The Last Panther and read about Kiri’s adventures to protect what she cares about.



  1. I raised money for the leukemia and lymphoma society by selling bracelets

  2. That’s awesome Drake! Thank you for doing that. You’re helping many people out. Be well!


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