Do Something Good (and get a Protector Pendant!)

Ever wish you were living in a fantasy book, fighting monsters and questing to save the world? (I sometimes do). Fortunately, there are plenty of real causes in need of heroes.


My girls—they raised over $50 in one afternoon to help save endangered species.

My girls—they raised over $50 in one afternoon to help save endangered species.

Being a protector is easier than you might think. You can:

—Sell lemonade or homemade crafts to raise money to protect endangered species (that’s what my daughters do every summer). Or you can support other causes (I listed several below).

—Tell a story to change a mind. What do you care about? What’s worth saving? Send your story to your local newspaper, representative, teachers, and parents to let them know about the causes you care about.

—Create a video or write a song to help people learn how to recycle, reuse, save energy, and reduce pollution.

—Start an organic garden to grow your food, plant flowers for butterflies and bees, plant trees for clean air, and protect habitats by picking up trash.

Flower power!

Flower power!

—Speak out about the need to reduce pollution, save species, and protect our planet. That’s what these kids started to do when they were six years old. Now they’ve formed a whole organization called Earth Guardians, and you can join them!

Become a protector, and get a Protector Pendant!

If you (or someone you know) has found a great way to protect the planet, tell me about it in the comments below, or contact me. Once a month, I’ll send out a protector pendant necklace (if you’ve read The Last Panther, you might have an idea of what this is) to someone who’s taking action to protect the earth, and I’ll post their stories on this website.



Be a hero!

Even the smallest heroes can make a difference.

The Nature Conservancy: This group is working right now to save critically endangered species like the Florida Panther.

The World Wildlife Fund: Click here if you want to adopt an endangered animal. Is your favorite animal on the list?

The Rainforest Trust: Want to save the rainforest? This is your group!

—Amazon Conservation Team: Want to partner with indigenous peoples to save the Amazon, the Amazon Conservation Team is a top-rated charity.

Defenders of Wildlife: Interested in protecting wolves and other animals? Join the Defenders!

Environmental Defense Fund: Concerned about climate change? Here’s your group!

Unicef: Want to help other kids, all across the world? Support Unicef!

*There are hundreds of other charities you could support. To find a group of people fighting for your cause, visit Charity Navigator.

The future is in your hands.

The future of countless creatures is in your hands.

And if you want to do something good right now, for absolutely no cost at all, click here once a day. (In addition to saving the rainforest, you can feed the hungry, give books to disadvantaged children, and save puppies without having to do anything more than click a button):

Go on, click this link. It’ll feel good!




Need more inspiration? Check out this video:




  1. Jessica Bennett says

    The greatest and easiest way I have found to protect the planet is to go vegan. It has more of an impact than recycling, never driving a car or giving to endangered species organizations. Animal agriculture causes deforestation in the rainforest every minute and cows cause more emissions than all of transportation combined. Cowspiracy is a great documentary with specific stats. 🙂

  2. Niamh Nelson says

    On Tuesday may 8th you came to my school for an Ather visit.You inspired me to right and help endangered species.Thank you!

    • Thanks Niamh! I’m glad you feel inspired to help out other species. If you do something good for others, please tell me about it.

      Be well!


  3. Audrey Voss says

    I forget witch day it was in summer but I was going down to the river in our town and I saw a crumpled soda can…so I took my shoes off and got it out. Than a couple weeks later I found two more cans floating down the river…and I got them out. I really felt like I helped the ecosystem and maybe some fish or some other animals that live by the river (like the red fox 🙂 Thanks for inspiring me to do more good!


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