The Last Panther Teaching and Book Club Kit

Looking for materials to enhance using The Last Panther in the classroom or book club? This is the place to find and share those. 

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Although my first goal is always to write an entertaining story, it’s my hope that The Last Panther will help students creating vivid, personal connections to several areas of interest for 4th-7th grades, including:

—Understanding the power of language and writing


—Protecting endangered species

—Protecting the ecosystems upon which we depend

—Multiculturalism, immigration, and diversity

—Economies, markets, and social structures

—Empowering youth to work together to create positive change


Below, please find some materials that I’ve put together to help teachers and book clubs engage this text. If you come up with other materials for teaching The Last Panther, or activities for creating curriculum connections, for meeting Academic Standards, and for inspiring young readers and writers to develop their voices, please share them in the comments below, or send them to me and I’ll post them for others to use.

The Last Panther Discussion Questions

Connections to Academic Standards and Activities for The Last Panther

Four Activities for Engaging Future Fiction

Make a Turtle Craft! (Or alternate sea turtle version)

Do Something Good and Get a Protector Pendant (empowering young voices)


Did you come up with other discussion questions or activities for engaging this book? Please share them below. And thank you for all that you do to help inspire readers and writers!

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