Hollywood’s War Against “Todd”: Top 10 Bad Todds

What’s Hollywood got against Todd?

Forget the war against Christmas and other left-wing media conspiracies like faking the moon landing and covering up an alien invasion. Hollywood’s biggest war is the war against Todd. Don’t believe me? Check out the overwhelming evidence.

It’s tough to be a Todd. For decades now “Todd” has been the go to name for characters who are jerks, tools, bad boyfriends, and the guy we love to see flailing in a truckload of steaming manure at the end of the movie. Sure, Brad, Tad and Chad have been popular monikers for a-hats and d-bags too, but has any name been more unapologetically maligned by what Todd Palin’s charming wife calls the “lamestream media” than Todd?

Here’s just a short list of recent film and TV Todds to consider (and if I’m missing any, please include them below). First, some Todds who didn’t make the list:

—Todd from the movie JOY, the pompous infomercial actor who ruins Joy’s big break. This is one of the many recent Todds in film, showing that the war against Todd still continues.

—Todd Stetson, from Liv and Maddie. This is the Todd who climbs to the top of Mt. Jerkdom by giving every girl a cruel number ranking.

goth2—Todd from Goth Talk (one of the early annoying Todds).

—Todd Bridges (“What you talking about Willis?”). As one of the first famous real Todds, he did little to help the Todd cause.

—LL Cool J. His middle name was Todd, but he changed it. Couldn’t handle the pressure of being a Todd. Come one, LL, Todds need love.

And now…

Top 10 Bad Todds:


10) Sweeny Todd. (Granted, Todd is the last name here, but who can forget the Demon barber of Fleet Street?)





9) Todd Packer from The Office. He’s the most annoyingly inappropriate salesman. Spoiler alert: He leaves a brown “package” in Michael’s office.






8) Todd Chester (from Christmas Vacation)











7) Todd Lanuzi (Beevis and Butthead)











6) Todd from Breaking Bad (who some claim was the most dangerous villain on the show).







0126c92308eb2c2f4ae5c764113358764dc85ae33006b230f143dbab642f6a7d5) Todd from Zoolander (also a dangerous villain).





802-Wedding-Crashers-quotes4) Todd from Wedding Crashers.





todd3) Todd Flanders.







6x9-Cyber_Five2) “The Todd” from Scrubs (so obnoxious, in a bizarre way he almost goes around the bend and makes Todd good).





1) Todd from Supernatural. Kneel before Todd! Reference to a classic villain from another planet? Check! Wry meta-criticism of the unjust treatment of Todds everywhere? Check! Creepy kid with too much power? Check! After years of bad Hollywood Todds, here at last is a pro-Todd message of angry empowerment.


Come on Hollywood, it doesn’t have to be this way. Once there were positive name-role-models for Todd (well, only one I can think of, and he wasn’t human).

Still, the next time you need a name for a jerk, villain, d-bag or other annoying putz, don’t just reach for “Todd.” Spread the love around.

I’m starting a society for the positive advancement of the name Todd. Who’s with me?


So who am I missing? What’s your favorite bad Todd or good Todd? Feel free to add them in the comments below.


  1. Thanks to Jenny for pointing out that I left out this very important Bad Todd. Whole doctorate papers have been written on him: Todd Manning. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Todd_Manning

  2. Ha! Thanks for the chuckle Todd! I bet I’m going to start noticing lots more evil Todds from now on. The Amy characters I see are always mild, vanilla white girls with farm girl looks so… I feel you.

  3. Need to add Todd from The Magicians to this list. He’s one of the most vigorously loathed Todds on TV. Or, as Eliot and Margo say, “‘effing Todd.”

  4. Todd Champion says

    I’m a Todd and I’m not a tool or a jerk or a dweeb I can be an asshole though

  5. They did it again in deadpool 2

  6. Not Scott says

    What about constantly being called Scott

    • Seriously! Good to know I’m not the only one.
      I’ve been called Scott so often I’ve stun to think it’s a forgotten middle name or something, lol. -tOdd (have always capitalized the Oh).

  7. Todd (of course) says

    Progressive commercial Todd and the newest series of Feliway adds. I’m thinking Todds unite for a class action law suit.

  8. Grey Todd says

    You can now add Todd from Stranger Things Season 4. (I just found your article after bemoaning with my brother that all TV/movie Todds are d-bags.

  9. Grey Todd says

    You can now add Todd from Stranger Things Season 3. (I just found your article after bemoaning with my brother that all TV/movie Todds are d-bags.

  10. Count me in!! Holywood needs to change its ways. When do we start protesting?

    Does anybody remember Todd Lubner from SNL in the 80’s. The only redeeming quality is that he was played by Bill Murray.

  11. Todd Barneck says

    I’m a Todd, and yes it is always used in a negative context in movies and television. Also often voted in the top ten worst men’s names. According to George Carlin, a “Todd” cannot be trusted, especially if he’s a surgeon, or lawyer, or some professional. Thanks George! At least it’s never confused with a woman’s name, like TRACY, STACY, ROBIN, TOBY, TERRY, etc. I’ve never been fond of my name, but I’ve had it a long time, so I guess I’ll have to live with it!

  12. ‘Todd Tomorrow’, Francine Fishpaw’s “Polyester Prince” played by Tab Hunter in the 1981 John Waters classic “Polyester”. Come on!

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