CCIRA Session Handouts

Dear Teachers,

Sorry I wasn’t able to make it in person today to CCIRA (Colorado weather knocked me off the road, then got sunny). If you’re one of the brave souls who attended my sessions anyway (and saw me stumble through virtually), thank you! Below please find PDFs of my session handouts.

Click here for the Apocalyptic Literature handout from the “Using Apocalyptic Fiction to Engage and Empower Students” session (with activities to go along with teaching dystopian and apocalyptic texts).

Click here for the Teaching Poetry Games, K-6, new handout from the “Quick Writing Games to Increase Creativity” session.

And here’s the packet for Teaching Poetry Games, Grades 6-12.

“This is my all-time favorite book!” —Helena

Cheers to you for all you do to help young readers and writers. I hope you’ll keep me in mind for author visits. I regularly perform professional author visits to elementary, middle, and high schools to encourage literacy and creativity.

I can also do Free Skype visits for schools that order 15 or more of my books. To learn more, click on “Author Visits.”

Best wishes,


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