If You Want to Publish You Must Read This (warning: contains Hitler, Self-Publishing, Bits of Hope, and F-bombs)

“No vision is real until it’s enacted upon the earth for the people to see.” —Black Elk

I love writers and poets and artists and musicians and all those crazy dreamers who have the guts to try to enact a vision and put it out into the world for the people to see. But the world is rarely kind to dreamers, and sometimes hope can feel like a traitor. So I’m starting this page as a way to post things that might help those of us who’ve dreamed, and created, and failed, and gotten up to create again. Let us be heroes to each other. And let us help each other enact those crazy, desperate, beautiful, often ineffable visions.

If you haven’t seen this short video, it deftly sums up the reality of publishing today. I have to warn you, though, it involves Hitler and contains a few F-bombs, but it’s pretty damn hilarious. Many thanks to Colin Falconer for creating this.


“I can’t keep defeating myself. I can’t keep repeating the mistakes of my youth.” —Eels (the song I just happened to be listening to as I wrote this post).

We tend to think transformation can only come through suffering. But transformation can come through joy, love, hope, and belief. Artists need to let go of their attachment to suffering. It’s not the only way to discover truth. Write from love, not fear. And be a dreamer until the bitter end.

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As Joseph Campbell put it, Follow your Bliss!