Writing Advice Part II (my top six other best pieces of advice)

The single best piece of writing advice I ever got was to write the book you most want to read (more on that here). After that, here are six other bits of writing advice that have made the biggest difference for me (and that I need to keep reminding myself of to keep on going). […]

Writing Advice Part I

Here it is, the best piece of writing advice I ever got: Write the story you most want to read. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But you’d be amazed by how few people actually do this. For years, I didn’t. I wrote the stories I thought would please my teachers. The stories I thought would impress […]

Finding a Writer’s Group

Every professional writer I know works with a writing group. So if you want to write and publish books (or stories, poems, or essays), probably the single best thing you can do is find a good writing group to work with. So how do you find a writing group? 1) Get involved with some of […]