Radio Interview on BACKWARDS

Many thanks to Grace Hood and the fabulous folks of KUNC radio for doing this interview with me on Backwards.

I was so nervous, I didn’t remember what I said, until I heard it on the radio this morning.

Here’s the link if you’d like to hear it. (It’s short).




  1. Thank you Todd for this book. I read the first chapter and not being a stranger to being left behind from loved ones who have died from suicide- my son, my brother and various acquaintances, this book is long due. I can’t wait to read the rest. I facilitate two grief groups for survivors of suicide and I am hoping to be able to use your book to help them to heal. Blessings for your creativity.

  2. Dear Mary,

    Thank you very much for your comment. I’m extremely sorry to hear about the losses you’ve experienced. And thank you for looking into my book. I’d be grateful to hear what you think of it someday. If stories like this can help even one person tilt the scale from death to life, then to me, it’s all worth it.

    Be well,


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