Free Comic! (Broken Saviors Issue #1)

Aliens came to save us.

They thought it would be easy.

They were wrong.

“A playfully original beginning to what promises to be an epic alien invasion story… I like it. It’s a solid piece of work.” —Fanboy Comics

Only have a minute? Watch the trailer:

Read Issue #1 for FREEBroken Saviors Issue #1

Thanks to over 100 generous Backers and a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, Issues #2, 3 & 4 are now fully produced and available on ComiXology. Click to read on!

Broken Saviors is an original graphic series that explores what happens when humanity becomes the subject of a global “nation building” endeavor conducted by a mysterious race of aliens who claim they’re here to save us. It’s Saga meets The Walking Dead with a twist of Morning Glories — in this alien invasion epic, characters are challenged in ways they never imagined to confront who they are and what’s worth saving. (For ages 14 & up).


Click to read Issue #1 for Free: Broken Saviors Issue #1


 Are you a rebel or a savior?

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