Climate Talks

Schedule a presentation for your school, church, book club, or other group. It’s an engaging, entertaining, interactive look at the current science of climate change, its effects, and possible solutions.

In 2012, climate change went from an abstract concern for me to a catastrophic reality as I watched fires ravage the state I love from my bedroom window. The devastation I witnessed that summer, and again this summer, convinced me that we need to start taking responsibility for our pollution. That’s why I applied and trained to become a Climate Reality Project presenter. I’ve spoken with several leading climate scientists, as well as political leaders, environmental leaders, religious leaders, and others involved in the climate issue. Many practical solutions to climate change exist, and there are tremendous advantages to acting. But the time to start addressing this issue is now.

I can give a variety of sessions on climate change to suit your group’s needs. The main talk I like to give is a presentation called The Quest for Change. In this interactive session, I explore the challenges posed by climate change in the context of the hero’s journey. We’ll look at the current science of climate change, the impacts, and possible solutions. I can tailor this session for different age groups and time slots, although it’s best for high school and up.

I can also conduct an Advocacy Workshop for churches and other social organizations interested in creating positive social change on a wide variety of issues.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to know more about my climate work, or to schedule a free presentation event.