A Flight of Angels

*A YALSA Top Ten Pick for Great Graphic Novels for Teens*

 Now available in paperback, and it’s pretty flipping beautiful. Or stay classy with A FLIGHT OF ANGELS hardcover version.

“Occasionally someone executes a standard storytelling device with such dazzling skill that it reminds you why that device became standard in the first place… [A Flight of Angels] is simultaneously as old as campfire tales and as fresh and full of possibility as the dawn. It’s the sort of book that makes me proud to be a comics fan.”  —Captain Comics (click here to read the full Scripps News review)

“Dark, haunting, hypnotic–perfect tales for a night when the pillars of heaven are shaking!”  —Tamora Pierce (Song of the Lioness, The Immortals, The Circle of Magic)

“An angel falls to earth, and capricious fae argue his fate. A Flight of Angels is a dark and delectable weaving of folklore, enigma, romance, and suspense, and so beautiful I want to put it on my wall in a hundred picture frames.”  —Laini Taylor (Lips Touch Three Times, Daughter of Smoke and Bone)

ANGELS: Guardians. Messengers. Warriors. Fallen. All these angelic aspects and more are explored in A FLIGHT OF ANGELS, a riveting tale in the tradition of The Decameron and The Canterbury Tales. A mysterious angel plummets to Earth and lands deep in a dark forest, where his dying body is found by the mystical denizens of this strange place. As the gathered fauns, fairies, hags and hobgoblins debate what to do with him, each tells a different story of who they imagine this celestial creature to be: a hero, a lover, a protector or a killer. Once the stories have been told, a verdict is rendered – and the outcome will leave you breathless.

Conceived and stunningly illustrated by fantasy art legend Rebecca Guay (Magic: The Gathering, Veils), A FLIGHT OF ANGELS is written by an all-star line-up of today’s top fantasy talent, including Bill Willingham (FABLES), Holly Black (The Spiderwick Chronicles), Alisa Kwitney (Token), Louise Hawes (Black Pearls), and Todd Mitchell (The Secret to Lying). Published by VERTIGO!

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On writing for this book:

This was my first major graphic novel project, working with the incredibly talented Rebecca Guay. In addition, I was thrilled to work with legendary editor Karen Berger (founder of DC’s Vertigo imprint). Karen is a hero of mine from way back when I was a teen for championing series like Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman and Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing. I’m deeply grateful to her for all she taught me about writing scripts for comics. Right now, I’m working on other books that involve graphic elements, and I can’t wait to get a chance to work with editors like Karen, and artists like Rebecca again.
Best wishes,
—T. MitchellAngels 16Angels page 5,500

More Reviews:

“A captivating that tale weaves five distinct voices into one ethereal vision! This compilation has phenomenal storylines and exceptional art. A Flight of Angels is truly an enchanting and compelling book.”  —ROMANTIC TIMES

“If SUPERMAN is the strength of comics, A FLIGHT OF ANGELS is the soul.”  —AIN’T IT COOL NEWS


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